Please read our Preparing For Drop-off information to make sure your pets are ready for their boarding stay.

At Town and Country Animal Care Center, we offer comfortable, spacious boarding to suit the tastes of all dogs and cats. Boarding dogs may choose from the following accommodations:

slide_board4Cabins: plenty of space for a large dog or your two medium sized dogs

*spacious 4 x 14 run
* an elevated Kuranda bed
*Holistic Pet Pantry diets
* two daily outings to our covered exercise yards

slide_board3Lodges: suitable for the largest of dogs or families

*a roomy 10 x 14 run
*a toddler bed
*Holistic Pet Pantry diets
*Two daily outings to our covered exercise yards
*private flat screen tv


*a roomy 10 x 14 run with a private patio area
*a toddler bed
*holistic Pet Pantry diets
*Two daily outings to our covered exercise yards

To learn more about Special Services you may add on to your pet’s boarding accommodations, please follow this link.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION to share from Town & Country Veterinary Hospital and Animal Care Center
July 17, 2015
Dear Town & Country Friends and customers,
We wanted to inform you of several confirmed cases of Canine Influenza Virus – CIV (“Dog Flu”) in North Carolina, the closest to date is in Winston Salem.  To our knowledge there have been NO confirmed cases in the Wake County area.   To better prepare for the potential arrival of CIV to our area, we wanted to reach out and offer information on CIV, our current protocol, and advise you we will implement any changes deemed necessary to safe guard all animals in our care.
Influenza is a viral disease, typically affecting birds; however it has recently been confirmed in dogs.  Like human influenza, it is highly contagious, spread by direct contact with respiratory discharge from infected dogs, through the air, a cough, bark, sneeze or contaminated objects. Although this strain of Canine Influenza is very contagious, it has a low mortality rate.  As in humans, those at greatest risk are the very young, the very old, and those with a compromised immune system.  Please contact us or your regular veterinarian immediately if your dog exhibits any of the following symptoms:
  • Coughing
  • Discharge from nose or eyes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy/lack of energy
 It is imperative your dog is current/up to date on the Bordetella/Canine Cough vaccine (every 6 months) and we highly suggest the intra-nasal three way vaccine that provides protection for Bordetella, Adenovirus and Parainfluenza.   Any of these viral infections in combination with the CIV can make dogs particularly ill.  There is a CIV vaccine, the initial vaccine is followed by a booster given 3 weeks later.  Although the available vaccine is not specifically for the current stain of influenza, it is thought to offer some cross protection.
The following guidelines for incoming boarding canine guest will be strictly adhered to:
ALL dogs must be current on the Bordetella vaccine – we suggest your dog receive their vaccine a minimum of 72 hours prior to entering the facility; however your dog’s best immunity is achieved 14 days following vaccination.
As this new virus makes its way through our area, we suggest you avoid any Dog Parks or social gathering of dogs where strict sanitation/disinfecting is not routine – weekly at a minimum, and verification of vaccines, including Bordetella or CIV is a requirement.
In addition to our current daily protocol of care and sanitation, Town & Country Veterinary and Animal Care Facility will implement the following to minimize exposure to Canine Influenza Virus:
  • Any dog exhibiting symptoms of CIV will not be admitted to boarding or Doggie Day Care
  • Any dog exhibiting symptoms while in our care will be isolated in quarantine to prevent further spreading of the virus.  Treatment will begin immediately and we will continue our efforts to contact you
  • If your dog’s Bordetella vaccine is coming due in the next month, have them vaccinated now as this will provide a boost to their immune response and protection.
  • Town & Country Veterinary Hospital and Animal Care Facility cares about your pet’s safety and well- being, we will continue to adhere to our strict standards of hygiene and keep abreast of daily updates on Canine Influenza Virus.